Custom Jewelry

“Custom Jewelry Creations for you in precious metals and natural stones.”

No other object known to man gives as much lasting pleasure as a piece of fine jewelry made from precious metals and ancient stones found deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

DanShelley creates wearable works of art, both shy and wild, for that provocative paradox that exists in our innermost selves. Each piece is an inner-vision.

Take part in the emergence of a unique vision of form and beauty. Elect to wear a custom jewelry inner-vision of ours and achieve a personal extension of your own.

Feel confident that DanShelley and their knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the perfect piece for your budget while reflecting your personal style. We can locate any particular stone, create with your design specifications and complete your dream jewel to your guaranteed satisfaction. So, whether it’s selecting a jewel from our diverse collection, or placing a custom order, our qualified team can light the way in your exciting search for the ideal piece of jewelry.

Start your jewelry collection with the designer’s touch!