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The gallery opened in 1976 (the Bicentennial), working primarily in Sterling Silver and a variety of stones. By 1980, a demand for gold jewelry brought a new selection of designs with Jackson Hole and Teton Themes.

Graduating from cabochons and inlay styles of jewelry, faceted stones and Diamonds became the new frontier. One-of-a-kind and limited edition designs were created specializing in Teton and Jackson Hole Themes. This opened up a vast horizon for unique expressions.

Through the 46 years of designing jewelry, which have reflected Jackson Hole and the Tetons, as well as contemporary jewelry; Dan has always drawn from his life’s experiences living and loving the Teton’s and the wildlife that surrounds him. Today Dan offers years of design knowledge and insight when creating new Teton and Jackson Hole designs; integrating native Elk Ivory and Wyoming Black Jade, along with his statement of colored stone pieces.