Two Tone Teton Cuff with Silver and Gold Plating


This two tone Sterling silver cuff is plated with 14kt Yellow gold. This cuff is available in three different widths. This cuff is also available with or without the texturing and/or the gold plating.


This sterling silver cuff is a design by one of featured artists Bill Royal. Bill designed and caste this cuff in solid sterling silver. It’s available in three widths: narrow, medium, and wide. The Teton cuff creates a nice visual representation of the entire Teton range rather than just the customary three peaks.

To give the cuff a little more depth we offer the option of having a textured skyline. The textured skyline is applied by hand. As a result every piece has a slightly different feel and look. Also the skyline gains a more dramatic appearance with this treatment.

If you would like a two tone cuff we offer the option of a 14kt yellow gold plate. We use a heavy gold plating to ensure that it stands the test of time. Due to the heavy gold plating the color takes on a rich and vibrant look.

The Teton range extends for approximately 40 miles and is certainly one of the most iconic mountain ranges in the world. The mountain range extends from the south end of the valley towards the north. Consequently wherever you are in Teton valley the mountains are always in the background.

The mountains were formed between six and nine million years ago. Therefore the Tetons are technically the youngest mountain range in all of the American Rocky Mountains. Most visitors are only familiar with our tallest peak, the grand. However there are many other peaks that accent the beauty of the grand including: mount moran, mount owen, the middle and the south Teton.

One peak that is relatively unknown is Disappointment Peak. This peak lies directly in front of the grand and deceptively looks as if it is the direct route to the top. Unfortunately, many mountaineers have spent a lot of time and effort only to find a false summit.

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