Blue Topaz Teton Pendant


35.42ct Blue Topaz Teton Pendant. Cut by AGTA Award Winning Gem Cutter – Alex Kreis. Ideal Cut Diamonds mimic stars in the Wyoming Sky with a  Bezel set Moonstone. White Sapphire Roundel Necklace, sold separately.




The blue topaz in this pendant was fantasy cut to resemble the Tetons. Here in Jackson Hole there are many variations of Mountain scenes, but to our knowledge this is the only gemstone that has been cut to mimic our majestic mountain range. To add further depth to the piece there is a moonstone cabochon and ideal cut diamonds to set in 18kt yellow gold.

The topaz has been cut by an award winning gem cutter by the name of Alex Kreis. Topaz is an incredibly bright stone that, when fantasy cut, really brings light to the mountain scene. Alex is a very talented gem cutter and we feature several of his stones here at the gallery. In our opinion, Alex has really out-done himself with this beautifully cut topaz.

The moonstone accent above the topaz is meant to represent the moon. Due to the chatoyant moonstone, the topaz appears to have multiple shades of blue. The gold around the moon has a texture to draw the eye to the sky.

Here at DanShelley we like to use ideal cut diamonds. These diamonds are cut to a mathematical proportion and are considered the best cut available. Therefore, these stones are incredibly bright stone with even light distribution. Furthermore these brighter diamonds are flush-set.

Our designer has made sure to cast the bail in a larger, oblong shape. This larger bail will accommodate a variety of chains and beads. For instance, if you would like to dress this pendant up it will look stunning with a bold omega chain. At the same time the blue topaz looks fantastic with the white topaz beads you see featured.

All of our one of a kind pendants are designed and created with the utmost care. The stones are hand selected and set by hand. Come visit us at the gallery and view this amazing piece in person.

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