Bucking Bronc Pendant with Cognac Diamonds


This Bucking Bronc pendant is accented with Cognac Diamonds. The diamonds are set in 14kt Yellow Gold.


This bucking bronc and rider pendant is a state symbol in Wyoming. This particular pedant is cast in 14kt white gold with white diamonds. We also offer this pendant in 14kt yellow gold with white diamonds. Lastly, we offer the bronc and rider in 14kt yellow gold with cognac diamonds. The chain is not included in the price.

The bucking bronc and rider emblem dates back to 1918. This image was worn by Wyoming national guardsmen in World War 1. The insignia has been used since to identify military units from Wyoming. It is rumored that the bucking bronc is meant to represent “Steamboat”. Steamboat was considered “the horse who could not be ridden”.

In the great state of Wyoming you will see this image everywhere. It’s on baseball hats and coffee mugs. It will also be found on t-shirts, backpacks, stickers and anything else you can imagine. The University of Wyoming strictly regulates it’s use. The bucking bronc and rider is particularly special to us Wyomingites. This symbol is probably more widely recognized than our state flag.

14kt gold is a great metal for an active lifestyle. It is a harder alloy than 18kt gold. This results in less scratches and, therefore, less polishing. In comparison to 18kt, which is 75% gold, the 14kt has 58.5% gold. To that end, it is a lighter weight alloy than platinum or 18kt. 14kt gold looks great when it is brushed or polished.

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