Moose Earrings with Sapphires


These Moose Earrings are a favorite here at the store! This particular pair is covered with Blue Sapphires and set in 14kt White Gold.


These blue sapphire moose earrings are cast in 14kt white gold. The sapphire moose earrings are on leverbacks. These can be cast in 18kt gold if you would prefer. We also offer the sapphire moose earrings with diamonds instead of sapphires. We have a pendant to match as well.

Sapphires are part of the corundum family of minerals. In other words, sapphires are a very hard stone. Secondly, sapphires are a very bright stone. When people think of sapphires typically you envision a deep navy blue. However, sapphires come in a variety of colors. This includes white, pink, purple and even orange. Sapphires can be found in India, Sri Lanka, parts of Africa and even Montana. Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September.

14kt gold is a great metal for an active lifestyle. It is a harder alloy than 18kt gold. This results in less scratches and, therefore, less polishing. In comparison to 18kt, which is 75% gold, the 14kt has 58.5% gold. To that end, it is a lighter weight alloy than platinum or 18kt. 14kt gold looks great when it is brushed or polished.


We carry a number of different moose pendants, charms, and earrings. For example we carry approximately 35 variations of moose jewelry. We have sterling silver, 14kt white gold and 14kt yellow gold. Additionally, these pieces are available with white or champagne diamonds. We even have inlaid pieces that are reversible. For that fun Jackson souvenir we have cute little moose studs.

There are several different types of moose throughout the world. Here in western Wyoming and eastern Idaho we have the smallest sub species. The Shiras moose might be smaller than several other sub species, but it is still a large mammal. The average male weighs about 700-800 lbs and is roughly six feet tall at the shoulder.


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