Black Tourmaline in Quartz with Black Tourmaline Necklace


Black Tourmaline in Quartz with Natural Black Tourmaline Plates. Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Fill Beads with Swarvoski Crystals.


This one of a kind features tourmaline crystals in quartz. The necklace is made from natural tourmaline plates. The quartz is set in sterling silver with a 14kt yellow gold mill grain. In between the tourmaline plates are yellow gold fill roundels. Each roundel features swarvoski crystals.

Here at the gallery over half the store is comprised of one of a kind pieces. As a result, we tend to highlight these distinctive stones and designs. These one of a kind designs typically start with a one of a kind stone. From there our designer will create a one of kind setting. Once the metal has been cast the stones are set with the utmost care. Finally the piece is given a final polish and inspection.

Tourmaline is a very interesting mineral with several unique attributes. First and foremost it is the only gemstone in the world that will hold an electrical charge. Additionally, tourmaline come in every color in the rainbow. Most of the important tourmaline deposits are found in South America. However, tourmaline can be found on every continent. Here at the gallery we focus in the most rare colors. Tourmaline is known as a jewelers gem as it is very bright, is quite hard, and comes in so many colors.

14kt gold is a great metal for an active lifestyle. It is a harder alloy than 18kt gold. This results in less scratches and, therefore, less polishing. In comparison to 18kt, which is 75% gold, the 14kt has 58.5% gold. To that end, it is a lighter weight alloy than platinum or 18kt. 14kt gold looks great when it is brushed or polished.

Our designer, Dan Harrison, has been in the jewelry business for over 42 years. In this time he has acquired contacts from all over the world. As a result, Dan is able to acquire some of  the more rare and unique minerals and gems for his creations. Some of these gems and cabochons might not be used for weeks, months, or even years until inspiration strikes. Once the material has spoken to him Dan will start the long, arduous design process. Every step of the design and construction process is overseen personally by Mr Harrison.


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