Elk Ivory with Antler Earrings


These Elk Ivory earrings feature our textured Antler design. The Elk Ivories are bezel set in 14kt Yellow Gold.


These elk antler earrings are a one of a kind. The ivories have been harvested in western Wyoming/eastern Idaho. The elk antler earrings have been cast in 14kt yellow gold. The 14kt gold helps to maintain the texture of the antlers. The ivories have been bezel set and the posts attached directly in the middle of the back-plate. We can have a pendant made to match if you would like.

Within our antler collection we offer a variety of sizes and metals. For the single pendant we offer it in a larger size and a smaller. The smaller antler doesn’t have the texture that the larger does. We offer these in sterling silver, 14kt yellow or 14kt white gold. We can also have them cast in 14kt rose gold if you would like.

Also within the antler collection we have a piece that represents a full rack. This is available in large or small. Once again the large antlers have the texture and the smaller does not. Furthermore the full antler necklace can be cast in silver or 14kt rose, yellow, or white gold. We can also make this up in a two tone if you would prefer.

14kt gold is a great metal for an active lifestyle. It is a harder alloy than 18kt gold. This results in less scratches and, therefore, less polishing. In comparison to 18kt, which is 75% gold, the 14kt has 58.5% gold. To that end, it is a lighter weight alloy than platinum or 18kt. 14kt gold looks great when it is brushed or polished.

Our designer, Dan Harrison, has been in the jewelry business for over 42 years. In this time he has acquired contacts from all over the world. As a result, Dan is able to acquire some of  the more rare and unique minerals and gems for his creations. Some of these gems and cabochons might not be used for weeks, months, or even years until inspiration strikes. Once the material has spoken to him Dan will start the long, arduous design process. Every step of the design and construction process is overseen personally by Mr Harrison.


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